DECSIS uses ProcessMaker to improve commercial operations

Leading European computer reseller selects Colosa’s ProcessMaker to automate processes, and increase operational efficiency

Brooklyn, NY – March 23, 2010 – DECSIS, Sistemas de Informação SA, the exclusive provider of Hewlett-Packard products and services in the Portuguese market, has implemented ProcessMaker, a web-based open source business process management (BPM), to manage its key operational and customer processes, from lead creation to managerial audits and invoicing.

DECSIS provides the highest levels of quality to its customers with a commitment to quality management processes, as evidenced by its ISO 9001 standard certification. Its dedication to quality structured processes led it to the decision to select ProcessMaker and work with Colosa gold partner, 4+ Business Solutions.

The company chose ProcessMaker to streamline and increase the efficiency of processes to track, manage and audit its operations. This included the turnaround and tracking of business proposals, and notification of key business events to the management team with alerts relating to performance and margins.

DECSIS had requirements for a solution to manage and automate all of its everyday business processes, including the simple creation of forms and process-related documents, assigning roles, creating rules and mapping individual processes.

ProcessMaker also met DECSIS’ needs for accurate risk analysis and performance indicators to measure performance before and after the completion of specific operational tasks; and link to its KnowledgeTree document management system to store process templates within a central repository.

ProcessMaker met each of these business needs and did so while building on existing processes, without the need to overhaul each process.

Now, DECSIS can easily track projects from development to shipment, as ProcessMaker helps compile information easily for proposal creation, analyzing reasons for obtaining customer approval, generating and e-mailing purchase orders, and tracking shipments and returns. At any stage, reports and graphs can be generated for analysis.

Using ProcessMaker, DECSIS has increased control and visibility of its processes, enhancing business performance. By eliminating paper-based processes, and decreasing approval times and learning curve for new users, ProcessMaker has raised efficiency at DECSIS while remaining compliant with the existing quality system. The system streamlines processes, reduces human error and decreases learning time for new users.

Manuel Silva, CEO of DECSIS Group, said, “Now that we have ProcessMaker in place, we can manage our commercial processes and ensure our business runs smoothly, from the creation of a proposal to the shipment of our products. ProcessMaker ensures we achieve our quality standards. We turned to 4+ Business Solutions, who suggested that we implement ProcessMaker to take control of our business processes. With ProcessMaker, we can use risk management and performance indicators to aid our decision-making processes across the board.”

Brian Reale, CEO of Colosa, said, “DECSIS has seen its processes quickly improve by using ProcessMaker, and it has helped it get its products in the hands of customers faster. By streamlining the way processes are tracked and reported, we have helped DECSIS manage operations, while maintaining the company’s standards for quality management. We are glad to be part of DECSIS’ improvement in performance, and we hope to be part of their continued success going forward.”

About 4+ Business Solutions

4+ Business Solutions, a Portuguese company, offers consulting services in change management and business process management. It creates workflow processes for business support and performs application integrations. The company uses open source software and is an exclusive ProcessMaker integrator in the Iberian Peninsula.

For more information visit www.quatromais.com

About Colosa/ProcessMaker

Colosa is a developer of ProcessMaker – the leading open source BPM and workflow solution. ProcessMaker enables companies to automate approval based workflow processes by interconnecting people and systems seamlessly across organizations. Enterprise customers can purchase ProcessMaker’s Enterprise support plan which includes SLAs, IP indemnification, upgrade support and more.

ProcessMaker is an AJAX enabled, SOA, 100% web-based application that allows users across single and multiple sites to create and share workflows, create custom forms, route processes, and improve management control. ProcessMaker OSS is available for download at https://www.processmaker.com/download-processmaker-landing-page.

Colosa was founded in 2000 and has customers in local and central government, telecom, oil & gas, insurance, banking, and other industries. Colosa has offices in Brooklyn, NY; La Paz, Bolivia; and Lima, Peru.

For more information visit www.processmaker.com

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