Breathe New Life into Legacy Systems

Legacy systems can be very unfriendly for users. Data becomes trapped and unusable. Sharing data from those systems in real-time with other systems is often nearly impossible.

Adding ProcessMaker on top of legacy systems can dramatically improve the way people work and generate much greater value from the same data.

Automate repetitive, form heavy processes

Still filling out applications on paper? Data entry and transcription errors causing re-work? Non-standard criteria applied to applications and decisions? If so, your processes are ripe for digital transformation.

Check out how TULSA (Tulsa Community College) used ProcessMaker to eliminate their paper based processes, reduce process times from weeks to hours, and say good-bye to their "paperwork nightmare" as described by one university administrator.

Embrace Digital Transformation

Process experts reside in every department. They want an easy-to-use yet robust process automation technology that can be quickly adapted and customized as enterprise processes change.

Check out how one leading telecom company used ProcessMaker to improve its processes.