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    Alfresco is an open-source content management system with a document management feature which can be utilized by ProcessMaker in order to replace its native document management repository. Alfresco’s powerful document management utility combined with ProcessMaker means that the collaboration of documentation between users within a workflow becomes simple, easy and trackable.

    Most organizations these days are focusing their efforts to turn their offices into paperless and therefore greener environments. This means that documents will no longer be printed in order to share them within a process. Workflow automation functions in a similar way – eliminating paper forms and approval requests in favor of web forms and a workflow inbox to manage their workload. The passing of documents within a workflow is a fundamental part of process automation and users often require a signed document or spreadsheet attached to a workflow request in order to make informed decisions.

    While ProcessMaker does feature its own native document repository, it also features a pre-built set of triggers to allow easy integration with Alfresco. The triggers act as templates where a ProcessMaker administrator can configure access to Alfresco on behalf of ProcessMaker in order to replace ProcessMaker’s native DMS in favor of Alfresco workflow.

    Using these triggers, it is possible to check-in and check-out documents from the Alfresco workflow repository as well as delete folders, fetch lists of documents and other such actions.

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