The heartbeat behind your medical workflows.

Heavy regulation in the healthcare industry requires business processes that ensure that all levels of personnel follow operational procedures that comply with state and federal regulations. However, when regulations change, often becoming ever more complex, the procedures need to change. Ensuring that operational processes remain in compliance with regulations and that all professionals at a healthcare facility follow those procedures is no easy task.

Regulatory reporting requirements can be time-consuming and expensive. Regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require healthcare organizations to quickly adapt their operational processes. If a healthcare facility fails to comply with the regulations, it faces negative consequences, including monetary penalties, higher insurance premiums, and bad press coverage resulting in lost credibility. At the same time, complying with regulations can result in processes that lower staff productivity, reduce service response time, decrease patient satisfaction, increase costs, and lower quality of care. All of these problems can lower market share and cause financial distress, further hampering the facility’s ability to deliver a high level of patient care.

With ProcessMaker BPM software, healthcare facilities can automate and simplify healthcare operational procedures. The real-time capability of an online business process system smoothes the disruptions that can be caused when operational procedures are impacted by a new or changed regulation. The procedure can be quickly updated to comply with the regulatory change. With automated workflow that guides personnel through the steps of each procedure, staff will follow the updated procedure immediately with minimal retraining. In addition, an online system eliminates issues with outdated paper-based forms. Basic procedures like new patient onboarding and patient release can be performed more quickly to increase service response time and patient satisfaction.

"ProcessMaker is being used to avoid unnecessary delays, frequent errors and missing documentation related to Medicaid applications."
— Brandon Jackson, Vice President of Finance and Business Intelligence, Stonegate Senior Living, LLC, Dallas Texas, U.S.
"ProcessMaker has provided Transformative efficiency today to key company processes that allow us to easily manage and scale operations."
— Robert O’Hara, Chief Financial Officer, Barton & Associates