How to Speed Up Your New Employee Onboarding Process

Ketty Colom December 31, 2015 Workflow processes

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Orientation is only part of the onboarding process.

The new employee onboarding process has been the subject of increased focus in recent years because it can make a real difference in whether your new hire sticks with you or jumps ship at the first opportunity. Onboarding isn’t just about getting forms filled out. It’s your new employee’s first immersion in your company culture and involves not only officially hiring, but getting your new person up to speed and productive.

Your company may have spent considerable time and resources finding, recruiting, and hiring someone new, and your new employee onboarding process is an important part of following through on that. The process can have actual bottom-line effects, so you want it to be as efficient and effective as possible. Here are some thoughts on making the new employee onboarding process fast, effective, and likely to contribute to a good employee experience.
Make the New Employee Onboarding Process Reflective of Company Culture
If part of your company culture is pride in being on the leading edge of technology, make your new employee onboarding process reflect that. When you show an interviewee all the technological tools and advancements he or she will have access to, and then have an onboarding process that involves stacks of paper forms and a pen, it sends a mixed message.
Additionally, if your company has an employee social network, make an account for your new hire as soon as he or she has formally accepted the job. This can provide a great education in how people communicate and interact, and a general picture of the company “vibe” in which he or she will be immersed.
The New Employee Onboarding Process: Tools and Teams
One part of the onboarding process that should take place before the new person’s first day is ensuring he or she has the essential tools (cubicle, desk, laptop, phone, software, office supplies) ready from day one. You can also schedule necessary safety or other training so that it won’t be forgotten among the many other things that have to be accomplished.
Additionally, it isn’t just HR and the new employee who are involved in the onboarding process, but the people with whom he or she will work. The onboarding process should notify the relevant co-workers of the new employee so they can be welcoming. Everyone should be cognizant of the goals of the onboarding process for the first day, first week, first month, etc. until the time when the new hire is expected to be fully productive.

Ensure the Employee’s First Day Is Memorable for the Right Reasons
What do you want your new hire to think when it’s time to go home after the first day? About the bewildering collection of forms, he had to complete? Or not finding out where the copy room is? Surely you would rather your new hire go home for the day thinking, “What a great place to work!” You can help ensure this by folding less “official” tasks into the onboarding process. For example, you can implement a process where co-workers make sure the new person has someone to have lunch with the first week. And little things like having the new hire’s ID badge, workstation, parking pass, and business cards ready on time make it clear he or she is welcome and valued.

Make sure the new person doesn’t have to eat lunch alone.

Enjoy the Rewards of a Great Employee Onboarding Process
You put significant effort and expense into recruiting and hiring the right people. Ensuring the new employee onboarding program contributes to a positive new employee experience only makes sense. Turnover is expensive, and a great onboarding process helps ensure loyalty and satisfaction. Furthermore, a great onboarding process ensures new hires are productive more quickly, so the company can enjoy bottom-line benefits.
With ProcessMaker business process management software, you can create a customized new employee onboarding workflow that makes new hires feel welcome and helps them get up to speed as quickly as possible. You can customize the process to include all relevant people, from co-workers to the person who issues building keys. And you don’t have to invest in major IT infrastructure or hire a programmer. In fact, you can test drive the ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition for free, or download and start using the ProcessMaker Community Edition for free. Make your onboarding process reflect your company culture and values and accelerate the time it takes for new hires to reach productivity.

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