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processmaker - it change request process

IT Change Request Process: Best Practices

IT Change Request Process Changing your IT software sets off a chain of events that often spreads through multiple departments. In some cases, software changes impact the entire company, which can adversely affect your customers. Preventing a negative customer experience requires skilled change management as well as an ability to identify

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processmaker - business decision management

The difference between Business Decision Management and Business Process Management

Most companies are familiar with the theories of business process management (BPM). New tools are making it possible to automate process flow to maximize efficiency and increase outputs. However, business decision management (BDM) is not implemented as broadly. These two concepts are entirely separate yet complementary. Innovative organizations use both to

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Discipline Tracking Made Easy for K-12 Schools

Accurate discipline tracking is expected at every level of a K-12 school system. While tracking will mean different things for high schoolers than it does for kindergarten students, consistency in reporting and dealing with disciplinary issues is essential. An automated discipline tracking system takes guesswork out of determining consequences. Unfortunately, minor infractions,

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5 Ways to Easy-Button Employee Offboarding

Much has been written about employee onboarding, yet employee offboarding is equally as important. Offboarding is processing someone out who is leaving the organization, whether they’re leaving voluntarily or involuntarily, and it should be defined and applied consistently. Employee offboarding is equally as important as onboarding. Employee offboarding that is documented can

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