Information Security Engineer

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We are looking for an experienced Information Security Engineer to design and enforce policies and procedures that protect our organization’s computing and cloud infrastructure from all forms of security breaches. You will be responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and working with our IT/CloudOps departments to resolve them, ensuring that our networks and data remain secure, answer and manage security and risk assessments required for internal, external auditors or customers.

To be successful as an information security officer, you should have expert analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of best practices to prevent a wide range of security threats. Top candidates will also be excellent communicators, able to train and educate our staff in various information security topics.


Skills and Qualifications

Degree in computer science or a technology-related field.

Professional information security certification.

Experience in an information security role.

Solid knowledge of various information security frameworks. ISO 27001 and SOC2 are a must.

Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.

Ability to educate a non-technical audience about various security measures.

Effective verbal and written communication skills.

Ability to set long-term goals and manage performance based on key metrics.



Identifying vulnerabilities in our current networks and cloud.

Developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to secure our networks.

Monitoring network usage to ensure compliance with security policies.

Keeping up to date with developments in IT security standards and threats.

Performing penetration tests to find any flaws.

Collaborating with management and the IT/CloudOps departments to improve security.

Documenting any security breaches and assessing their damage.

Answer and prepare documentation required to comply with security requests.

Create and keep up-to-date documentation required to maintain current and future certifications.

Educating colleagues about security software and best practices for information security.

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