Junior Software Engineer


Full Time
La Paz, Bolivia
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A Business Process Engineer aims to complete Dynaforms building, simple triggers, and simple coding in ProcessMaker; to test about all components developed in ProcessMaker for each customer; and to increase knowledge in all areas required to provide quality services on a planned scalable plan.


  • Follow best practices and coding standards.
  • Review User Guides and Technical Guides released by Documentation.
  • Identify bugs and issues in each project developed in ProcessMaker.
  • Function as an integral part of the development team, actively contributing towards the development of our tools, services, and platforms.
  • Review and contribute on a regular basis to the ongoing improvement of team practices and approaches with a view to making the team more effective and improving our service delivery.
  • The position requires constant communication with colleagues.
  • Complete the estimated tasks in the day.

Essential Functions

  • Programming in php and other languages if this is needed
  • Create Dynaforms and add basic JavaScript code
  • Manual Tests for each project
  • Automation Tests based on the logic provided by the team
  • Report all issues or constraints to team and Technical Lead
  • Review the jira system to complete the assigned tasks in the day
  • Be able to  inform in the scrum meeting the status about the tasks assigned in the day
  • Attend to the scrum meetings

Minimal Qualifications

  • Computer Science/Systems Engineering bachelor degree or in progress.
  • Basic Front-end knowledge development (jquery, angular, bootstrap).
  • PHP, JavaScript, and Laravel knowledge
  • Familiarity with version control concepts

Preferred Qualifications

  • Linux and Windows Knowledge
  • Advanced English Communication skills
  • Experience in Software Development
  • Basic Agile and formal software development methodologies
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