Enterprise Plugin Manager

The Enterprise Plug-in Manager is a feature of ProcessMaker that provides an easy and simple way to manage all of the ProcessMaker plug-ins from one console. From here, administrators can view all of their ProcessMaker plug-ins as well as buy, enable, disable and update plug-ins.

ProcessMaker's Enterprise subscriptions each feature a set of plug-ins included. Plug-ins can also be purchased separately on an 'a-la-carte' basis at any time and added to your ProcessMaker installation through this management console.

enterprise plugin manager console

In the console screen an administrator can view all available plug-ins for ProcessMaker. The plug-ins that are not installed have a "buy now" button next to them to allow them to be purchased additionaly on top of the existing Enterprise plan. Meanwhile plug-ins that are installed have information about them in the console such as which version is installed, whether or not there are updated versions of the plug-in available and whether or not the plug-in is enabled for use.

When you purchase an additional plug-in, you will be sent the license which you can upload directly with the Enterprise Plug-in Manager. Plug-ins can also be enabled and disabled from this console.

enterprise plugin manager console

The Enterprise Plug-in Manager was designed to further improve the user interface of ProcessMaker for administrators and facilitate the ever changing needs of businesses and their BPM requirements by providing a simple method of managing and updating their plug-ins and add-ons of ProcessMaker.